Monday, February 18, 2013

Ri Ri Gets Things Thrown At Her In London, Walks Away Bloody

The two who are just all over the place right now is NiNi and Ri Ri, every where you look you are seeing or hearing about these two in some way, but while NiNi is a good way, lately Ri Ri has been in a bad way. Like yesterday, she was out in London promoting her new PSR outfits and new Roc Nation Perfume, and a female who remains unidentified starting causing a scene shouting offensive things about her and Breezy, calling her "A Stupid Slut" or saying she's "Easy" and a "Hoe" and she called Breezy a "Woman Beater" and a "HATER" And said Ri Ri "Is a disgrace to all the women on her label and to the ones that look up to her" and she's trash and pathetic" Just like any other celebrity she ignored it and walked away, but the woman began throwing glass at her (glass bottles) and they were smashing by her legs and some smashed glass scraped her knee and she started bleeding. The cops ran over to the woman and arrested her and Ri Ri was captured on camera leaving the place that she was in with a tissue wiping the blood from her legs. She refused medical attention and said "I just want to go home" in the saddest voice I ever heard especially from the woman who's wild and always hard, but last night she was way different, some people even say she was crying because the woman hurt her feelings, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, but regardless she wasn't the wild, outta control Ri Ri we came to love (and some hate for that matter) and we wonder why, but we wont find out because she has taken off today and has been unavailable for comment. Breezy hasn't spoke on anything either as of yet. In other news, Jay-Z reveals he will be signing on to his "Queens" tour starting on the 20th lasting until the 28th. They are done with America and now they are supposed to go overseas to finish up the last part of their world tour, and its said that they got permission from their P.O to go overseas to complete their tour. Their year and a half world tour comes to an end in April (April 15th to be exact) after which they will go on their separate ways and start their own world tours (B's is April 28th) NiNi's is May 1st, so they have mentioned they only have a month and a half left of working with each other and they will be making it an end to remember and they want to lower the ticket prices so everyone can get a chance to see them, sounds fun, cant wait. Tickets for the show on the 20th in London is on sale now so hurry and grab yours while its still on sale!


johnny1 said...

thats what her ass gets

johnny1 said...

leave the lady alone god shes grown she can b with him if she wants i hate when people make a big deal outta shit that dont even concern them

johnny1 said...

me 2