Saturday, February 16, 2013

NiNi Says F*** You To The Media

The media has been labeling NiNi as a chick who is power hungry and overuses her power and authority, and today she has sent out a message to the media. She said "Really, that's what y'all think of me, I really don't care, y'all can all go fuck yourselves, because you ain't hurting me at all, your hate makes me stronger, so fuck you, fuck your business, fuck your cameras, fuck you period" NiNi didn't seem pissed when she made that statement, but the words she said sure sounded like she was pissed. Click here to check out her full audio statement.....In other news, NiNi has stated she is nervous about how her fans will react to her documentary tonight, which is said to be attracting over 78 million people to watch it, but she says "Its too late now, I'm happy with it though I'm proud of it" NiNi has also stated that Amy and Nick are dangerously close to being suspended for reportedly quote "Arguing more than working, but NiNi is an understanding boss, so she understands that they are having marriage problems but she says if it keeps interfering with business,  she will have no choice but to suspend them until they stop acting like children and settle their problems like adults.......NiNi was supposed to have a show tonight but we aren't sure if that's still happening due to her attending the premiere of her new movie, but we will let you know! Also Kid sister has a new song out with Kat titled "Baby" click here to check it out!


johnny1 said...

im so tired of the media im surprised these celebs aint kill one of them already thats why i cant be one of them cuz ill be in jail for life

johnny1 said...

damn no comments? lol everyone must be watching her documentary me and my wife watching it now its really good so far she is such an amazing artist and performer