Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NiNi Has A Party Popping Off!!!

Its that time of year again, NiNi is having a HUGE party out in ATL this weekend at Club "Stomp" Many of the details (As usual) are not public, such as how many will be attending, or how long its lasting or any thing like that, but what we do know is that all of her parties become the biggest topic in the industry and it gets talked about for days before and after the party actually happens. We don't have alot of details on it yet, but I will do my best to get more, and since NiNi is my friend (well almost) I'm the only one she actually will talk too being that I never annoy her, so If I can get some info on more that she actually doesn't mind speaking on, I will let you guys know! In other news, Jackie Christie has blamed her fight with NiNi on "Stress" "I must have been working too hard and sometimes when stress hits me, I overreact and trip on anyone, I'm sorry though to NiNi and Beyonce for my actions, I have no idea what came over me, I'm sorry ladies" says Jackie, NiNI hasn't responded to her, but her management says "Its nice she has taken responsibility so no one will do any finger pointing at NiNi, that's what everyone does before they know the facts so its good that that's one media storm we will be avoiding" Stay tuned for more info! P.S NO NINI IS NOT INVITING FANS, SORRY GUYS CELEBS ONLY!"


johnny1 said...

man that sucks

johnny1 said...

so what she dont have to have fans at her parties

johnny1 said...

thats awesome i love her parties (even though I never went) but its always cool hearing about it

johnny1 said...'re an idiot