Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NiNi Surprises Rihanna For Her Birthday!

Even though Rihanna sometimes gets on the boss's nerves, today she still showed her she loves her and she appreciates her. The day started out as usual, and Rihanna was sitting in her studio bored and NiNi and a few others come in and Yell Surprise! They had a Vanilla cake with 25 candles on it, they caught her off guard but she looked very happy and shocked at the same time. She blew out the candles and NiNi handed her her present which was a yellow and pink diamond matching set of Earrings, a ring, and bracelet and a necklace, all of them say her name on them and it costs her $25,000 for the jewelry set, and she also gave her a "Thank You/Appreciate You" card due to the fact that Ri Ri is one of the main ones that's bringing PSR all the money so this was NiNi's way of showing she appreciates her hard work, and because Ri Ri spent over 90,000 last year for her birthday. Inside the card she had a ticket to her sold out show tonight in London and she let her take the rest of the day off. They gave each other a huge hug and Rihanna thanked her. NiNi has stated that Ri Ri is the main artist that gets on her nerves, but she is her friend and when it comes to work she never slacks off or disappoints. Congratulations and Happy B-Day to our Girl Ri Ri! In other news, NiNi is preparing for her 1t show since last month tonight at the O2 arena in London, and she has promised to do some unheard songs from her new album, unfortunately, we cant make it but a buddy of mines is going with his wife, and he will give me video, pictures and details and when I get them, I will give it to you, NiNi has promised an explosive show and we believe her! If you guys have tickets LUCKY YOU! Have fun!