Monday, February 25, 2013

NiNi Moves To Paris + Pays 100,000 To Family

NiNi has moved on to Paris 3 days earlier than she was supposed to leave London. It is said that NiNi's management felt that it was too much going on down there with her, and they need to quit while they are ahead. So they all packed up and went to their new destination which is Paris. But The shows in Paris was not supposed to take place until the 1st, which means they both have a 4 day vacay until the show kicks off in PARIS from March 1st-3rd. That's fine for their fans though, especially NiNi's since they say she needs rest anyway, but at the same time, London had 3 more days which means they wont get that, and some of them are upset at money being spent and then wasted, but NiNi said all the fans will get their money back. Being that NiNi will be off for a few days, I may not have info on her, but I will just get you other PSR news. In other news, The funeral for miss Candace Skylark was today, and the total expenses totaled a little over $100,000 which NiNi sent to the family in the form of a check, but she did not make an appearance at the funeral. The family has said "Money can never buy her off, but what else can we do at this point, as long as everyone knows and she has took responsibility at this point, all we can do now is continue living though her memory" NiNi has not spoken on anything about her funeral settlement bill as of yet. Also NiNi had a little run in with her old buddy Gaga, and although they really didn't say much to each other, they both looked extremely uncomfortable around one another, but no fights or arguments broke out between the two. Speaking of fights, we still haven't determined if NiNi did in fact fight today, but we are still looking into it!