Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Battle Begins! NiNi Releases Dopest 2 Piece Album Of Her Career. Can She Catch Up?

Today is the official start of #NiNiVsKP.
Kp released her highly anticipated album yesterday and it's still doing really good. Today NiNi surprised us with a double 2 disc album titled "The Comeback/It's Complicated" And it's DOMINATING the scene with the highest first day sales she's ever had. But KP started first and they didn't release it at the same time like she did with miss Marie so KP still has a 24 hour head start and although she isn't high by too much she's still beating her. According to NiNi and KP, the battle will last only 48 hours and ends on Monday at midnight at which time the scores will be rallied up and the winner will be announced. Who do you think will win? Who are you rooting for?  Click here for my full review, stats info and purchase links for NiNis bomb 2 piece album "The Comeback/It's Complicated" NiNi and KP are also promoting the battle having fake twitter wars and posting fake sub tweets at each other, it's actually exciting. Click here to see those

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