Sunday, November 29, 2015

Niq Niq Reveals More Than We Can Imagine

Today miss Niq Niq went full on her birthday suit (yea her hands were covering her breasts and..........that area) but still she is on the cover for PETA magazine today which is an organization dedicated to helping and protecting animals from being killed for their fur (minks leopards etc etc) Pn the cover says "I'd rather go nude then to harm an innocent animal for a fashion statement' It comes as a surprise since PSR and PETA have been at war for the longest since PETA has went after everyone who wears fur or what the hell ever else, but the boiling point is last year when NiNi tweeted "Eating some fried chicken right now #FuckPeta" Ye also has thrown some mean shade at the group since they always attack him for his minks and fur jackets. But.Niq Niq has never worn fur or any animal parts and for that reason, she was chosen to be on the December cover of PETA. Although Niq has admitted to eating meat many times, being that she is against killing animals for their fur or skin, they decided she's the best person at PSR. NiNi responded tweeting "Nice cover love ya Niq bit its still #FuckPeta" other PSR artists havebalso responded attacking PETA and congratulating Niq. Click here to see those. And click here to view the sexy steamy pic of nude Niq Niq on the December cover.

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