Monday, November 9, 2015

And The Winner Is............

After a brutal 2 days of the #NumbersBattle, everyone is wondering who the winner is and we have the answer. First here are the stats. KP is at 3
800 million 600 thousand and 45 sales. And the queen is at (*Drum Roll*) 800 million 436 thousand and 5 copies which means the winner of the infamous battle is Number 2! KP is the first artist to ever outsell NiNi in over 4 years. Both their numbers are still climbing but KP is still in the lead and she remains in the lead.  Many Ns feel that the battle was too short as it was only 2 days and with miss Marie it was a week and they feel if she did a week she would've bounced back and beat her. But it's still all love and the Ns are congratulating KP for being pretty much the only artist to ever outsell the queen. Now the reward: the queen made a statement earlier saying "I'm not a sore loser I love that girl and I love her album, she neat me fair and square congratulations baby girl" KP's reward Is that NiNi will be her personal butler/assistant for the next 2 days which means KP will be NiNi's boss until Wednesday night and KP can slack off take off without permission and whatever the hell else she wants to do without NiNi complaining at all because she isn't her boss for the next 2 days. But KP made it clear her career and position is very important to her and she won't start being lazy whether she can or not but she did jokingly admit she will love to have her buddy catering to her. Interesting. Congrats to KP. Click here for more info

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