Sunday, November 8, 2015

Next Up + The Battle Is Fierce, NiNi Took The Lead

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Rita Ora. Miss Ora has been doing very well lately and although she landed in the NHO category back in 2013, she hasn't been back in it since. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Never Lose" It's a highly anticipated album and it's successful doing very well on first day sales and getting really good reviews. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Never Lose" by Rita Ora. Despite the success of Rita's album, the real talk of the industry is the ongoing battle between Miss NiNi and Miss Kp titled #NiNiVsNumber2" It's all that is being talked about in the game and it's extremely popular and its dominating every other headline. NiNi has officially stolen the lead and she is leading by 278 sales but KP still has 24 more hours to catch up. Stay tuned for more coverage on this "Numbers War". Next up is said to be Ye and Nick so stay tuned for that. ....

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