Thursday, November 19, 2015

Next Up + Was The Queen Fined For Freaking Out On Fan At Stage?

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Chrisette Michele. Miss Michele is very much in the NHO category when it comes to music but she's been doing plenty of appearances and photo shoots. This is her 2nd PSR album titled "Chrissy" (her nickname) and although its doing decent, fans can't help but wonder why NiNi isn't being harder on people that's starting to be forgot about. First day sales are ok and she is in 7th place so obviously she has loyal fans. Click here to see my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Chrissy" by Chrissy. In other news, the queen has been fined for apparently blowing up.and flipping.on a fan during their show earlier today after allegedly the fan wasnt paying attention and was talking and laughing on her phone despite the fact no electronics were allowed. Its alleged she ordered the music stopped and yelled at the woman "Am I Boring You Bitch!!!" Then she ordered the spotlight to be placed on her which it did and the girl hung up. Its then said she continued screaming at the girl and threw a stage prop at her which hit her in the head since she was in front row. Its said T & C tried to calm her down but she pushed them off of her and continued screaming at rhe girl until she finally stormed off stage and canceled the rest of the show. Being that no electronics were allowed, it is unnoqn if this incident actually occurred since its no video and NiNi is quiet. But apparently its many witnesses and its said NiNi is being charged with minor assault to the fan which is $10,000 and 10 days probo. Not sure about this one, but we're digging stay tuned. Click here to read more about it.

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