Thursday, November 12, 2015

NiNi Involved In Fight + Tour Bus Shot Up Hours Later

Breaking news out of Kansas today regarding NiNi. NiNi is still at it with London singer Zoey and she bumped into her today in Kansas with her legend crew ans it turned into a 3 on 3 as Zoey had two other girls with her and they fought T & C. The 6 girl fight was huge and was caught on video by a passerby (click here to view it) but it didn't last long as cops were on the scene and broke it up within 2-3 minutes. Neither girl was charged just separated and released. But a couple hours later, The legends tour bus was shot up 45 times. The Legends Trio were inside rehearsing for their show tonight but they heard it. Everyone in the rehearsal studio ran outside to investigate the popping noises but saw no one. Because of the fight that happened a little earlier, police immediately suspected Zoey but she denied it and she insists she's on her way back to England, and without any hard evidence they cant officially charge her with anything. The legend girls are convinced that Zoey did it and they all posted the exact same thing at the exact same time 'Coming 4 U Ma #Zoey😠👏' Zoey has been quiet. Stay tuned for more info on this. The Kansas show is still planned for tonight at 9 click here to get your tickets before they're gone.

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