Saturday, November 28, 2015

NiNi Voted Most Biggest Successful Artist In The World + Next Up

NiNi has had so many amazing accomplishments despite being so young and she is officially recognized as the biggest superstar on the planet. From trillions of albums sold, to performing at the presidents ball when he first won the election, to receiving tons of Grammy's, Oscar's and Emmys to being a world renowned actress.....the queen is a force to be dealt with and she completely deserves her title. NiNi is the only female artist ever to have every last album come in at number 1 on the charts. NiNi doesn't have to be the CEO of the music game, she doesnt have to be the owner of PSR, she doesn't have to really do anything, no matter the price people will pay the money and buy her tickets to see her perform despite her attitude towards her fans at times. Why? Because people love the queen. She is also a very successful businesswoman forming rons of clothing lines most famously Platinum Wear along with many endorsement deals, fragrances, and various business deals all around the world. Forbes also has said she is the most wealthy person in the world with a net worth of over 999 trillion dollars passing the richest people in the world (Jay, B, Obama and Oprah) and thats only what shes worth as an artists that's not counting all her business deals. Currently no one on PSR is more successful bigger or wealthier than the queen and no one else in the game even comes close to the level of fame she has achieved. We would like to say congrats to NiNi on her amazing successful journey. In other news. The #NovemberReleases is almost over but don't worry, #DecemberReleases will start on the 2nd so more albums. Next up Taylah P. This is her 4th album titled "Ms. P" Doing pretty well produced entirely by herself and first day sales are good. Click here to see my full review, get stats info and purchase links for "Ms. P" by Taylah. Next is Aiesha Allen and Ye to close out the famous #NovemberReleases. Stay tuned. Also Niq Niq will be starring in a new reality show called Master P's Empire" which airs tonight on the Reelz channel which showcases their day to day life with her her dad and her many brothers. First episode premieres tonight at 8 so look out for that. Wasn't relevant to anything mentioned.....but thought I'd mention it anyway.

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