Friday, November 20, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Says Stage Incident Is Very Exaggerated.

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Solo. Solo has never been in the NHO category, and besides on and off feuding with her sister, she's rarely in any drama, at least not in house anyway. This is her 4th PSR album produced entirely by herself titled "1986" (the year she was born) and its doing pretty well as she is in 3rd place. First day sales are great and her album got a mention from the president saying "my favorite album right now" and it has a huge buzz and interest in the industry. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "1986" by Solo. Tomorrow is Lena look out. In other news, yesterday it was reported that the queen flipped out on a fan for not paying attention to her and the other legends and threw something at her causing her to get fined. Today the queen addressed it and although she confirmed the incident did take place, she said it's very exaggerated. She said that she never had any argument with the fan, she never stormed off stage, she never canceled the show and she never threw anything off the show. In fact, she says she didnt even stop the music, she says she noticed the woman texting (not talking as reported) and in the middle of dancing and performing she jokingly said "Am I boring you sweetie?" (Not bitch as reported) In the middle of her lyrics. Then the crowd and the fans laughed and she put her phone away and they finished out the show with no more incident. She said "people use something that happens, even if its small, as an opportunity to make it big and in my life, thats constant and that's what happened here. Ive learned to ignore it now honestly" The outlet that ran the story is denying any requests for comments on why they lied. Click here to see and hear NiNi's full statement on what really went down.

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