Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NiNi Gets Praised For Special Australia Visit But Gets Attacked Over Latest Pic + New Album Challenge With A "Number"

NiNi arranged a special visit to a 7 year old girl who is affected with a very rare and very dangerous form of cancer (I won't even say the name of it because it's hard enough to say it let alone spell it) but this cancer is unable to be cured and the girl, identified as Ashley brooks, is said to only have 2 more months to live. She's very sick and doctors can do nothing for her but support her. Her favorite 2 singers are NiNi and number 2 (KP) but KP is across seas on her world tour and was unable to make it. But the queen cleared her entire schedule today, cancelled all her shows and meetings to fly halfway across the world for a special visit for this little girl who adores her. She showed up completely unexpected and Australia loves her so she was welcomed with open arms. She paid a visit to the hospital where little Ashley will spend the next two months of her life before she goes and shocked everyone with her presence. She was granted access into Ashley's room and she was so shocked she couldn't stop crying. NiNi hung out with the girl for over 2 hours, gave her the famous PSR chain which is valued at over 50,000 dollars, she bought her pizza and wings from Chuck. E. Cheese. She hired people to dress up as her favorite characters like SpongeBob to come and dance and sing for her and she took tons of pics with her. Her biggest gesture however is what she did for the parents. She offered them 120 million dollars to go towards her health care which means they can go to a cancer treatment facility which they couldn't afford. The mom and dad hugged her and kissed all over her (which is how they show affection and thanks in Australia) and they were crying laughing praising her and even bowing to her. That little girl had an amazing day and NiNi is being praised for her actions. But what she isn't being praised for is a photo she posted from her Halloween party, she dressed as a victim with a shirt with airbrushed words "Fuck Tha Police" Many cops took offense to it. But she responded with a photo of Tupac being beat by police back in 93 with the caption "You're offended? ??????? You killing my people everyday IM FUCKING OFFENDED!" Cops are not happy with this and it's attracting a lot of drama because now the "N's are attacking the police as well. Now the new hash tag is #NiNiVSThePolice which is exactly true. Stay tuned.  P. S remember Miss Marie challenged NiNi to an album battle to see who will sell more albums? Well the queen has another challenger and it's one of her "Numbers" it's KP. According to sources, KP issued the challenge last night over insta and today NiNi accepted the challenge. KP is pretty much the second best artist on PSR after NiNi and no one has ever outsold her besides NiNi. Both are said to be apart of the #NovemberReleases and there is now about to be a battle to see who will sell more albums. When it was NiNi VS Miss Marie, the loser had to buy the winner a lobster dinner, but according to sources, this time it's said that the loser has to be the winners personal butler/assistant for 48 hours (2 days) and wait on her hand and foot. This is very interesting and we're very much looking forward to it and so are the "N"s" and the "Little Katies" and it created the hashtag #BossVsNumber. Stay tuned. *Update* This story has been confirmed to be 100% TRUE by both of their management teams. The battle is on! They both are apart of the #NovemberReleases so this month will be an interesting month indeed!

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