Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Miss Tiffany. Miss Tiffany gets the ultimate congratulations because not once (Yes not ONCE) has she ever been on the bosses shit list, nor has she ever been in any drama whatsoever in the 3 years she's been signed there and not only that she's never been in the NHO category. This is her 6th highly anticipated album titled "A Walk In My Shoes" produced by herself, NiNi and Solo and its generating a huge buzz and getting reviews. First day sales are impressive as well as she is in 3rd place. Click here to check out my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "A Walk In My Shoes" by Tiff. Next up is Ye, Solo and Lena. Be on the lookout coming soon.

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