Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Queens Announce "Rize Of The Queens"

Today we got a pleasant announcement from both queens about their new collab project that they are working on. Since they announced that they will be doing a collab mixtape together back in September, the world went into high anticipation and started the hashtag #QUEEN" At the time, no one knew what the mixtape would be called, so people were just calling it "The Queen Mixtape" but today, we got the mixtapes name for the first time. NiNi posted "Ay yo, B!" B tweeted back and said "What Up N" NiNi said "Got Some News?" B replied "Two hot chicks are dropping "Rize Of The Queens" NiNi replied "This chick named NiNi has a mixtape called that" B said "Its Part 2 baby OWWWWW!!!!! #RIZEOFTHEQUEENSNOVEMBER24TH" That silly little exchange between the two sent the world in total happiness. Seems like their new collab mixtape will be called "Rize Of The Queens" Back in April, NiNi dropped her super popular mixtape "Rize Of The Queen", and this new mixtape seems to be the second part of that and adds "S" to the end which is appropriate since its a collab between both queens.The famous #PSRNOVEMBERALBUMFEST is still very popular, but now since they made this announcement, focus is more on this now. The mixtape according to B, will be dropping on November 24th which is only 2 weeks away and everyone is excited. But that isn't the only collab project this month from the queens. In 4 more days, we get to see their collab movie "Carmen 2"  so we get two collab projects from them in the same month which is always cool. Are you guys excited? We sure are!.....P.S remember when we said that NiNi is about to release something soon, we just don't know what it is? Well its a single from the upcoming mixtape and its releasing sometime next week. It hasn't been any singles from them off of the mixtape. so we are pumped to hear it. Keep looking out for it.....

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