Thursday, November 13, 2014

19,20,21,22 + Carmen 2

We're on day 7 of the massive album releases at PSR and we got 4 new albums, and all 4 are doing.....well,.....platinum. Here we go: 1st up we have Nicki Minaj whose album has been delayed for so long people forgot about it and it went out of anticipation, but when she announced its release at 1am this morning, the anticipation went right back up. The album is called "Pink Print" and its her 2nd PSR album. Its mostly rap (93%) and some R&B (7%) and she has her signature barbie style rapping and nasty women empowerment lyrics. The album is doing well, although its a few songs that's being criticized, not for something she says, but just because they say its.....whack.......but for the most part its doing great and so far she is at 37 million copies and its still climbing. The album is produced mostly by herself and features, Lil Wayne, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Lorde, Drake, Breezy, Rick Ross, Young Dro, Khaled, Ace Hood and Pit Bull (nope no NiNi which has people talking even louder about a possible beef between those two) Anyway, her album is number 27 on the charts which is good but not better then albums before her. "Pink Print"is available for download on Itunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in music stores worldwide for $10.99. Click here to purchase "Pink Print" by Nicki Minaj. (The release of this album started more beef as Tyga made a subliminal statement today saying "Whack ass singles by wanna be divas" which made people think he was referring to Nicki since she's the main one who calls herself a diva) Next up is Karmin which many people are excited about. Their album was semi anticipated when they first announced it, but towards the coming time of its release, it became highly anticipated. This is their 3rd album and its doing really good. Its called "Iconic". Its mostly pop and some rap and rock thrown in. As usual Amy is mostly the vocals and Nick is the beats. It dropped at 4:30am after a series of Tweets from their Twitter account and within 20 minutes stores were crowded with fans looking to buy it. They are now at 72 million copies which they are doing better then their last album so far already. Its produced by themselves and features Kat, Tinashe, Reggie, Cymphonique, R.Kelly, MKG, Keith Urban, Kid Rock (yes he's still out) Eminem and NiNi. It is currently number 18 on the charts and climbing. Its available on Itunes, Pandora, many social media sites, their site, the PSR site and in stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Iconic" by Karmin" Next is Monica Spears which is her 2nd album and its doing better then the first. Its called "Press Play" and its that dancy hip hop pop style that she is well known for. She released hers at 3am and so far is at 62 million copies and climbing. Its produced by Jay Fizz, herself, Nelly, Swizz Beats, NiNi and Jadakiss and features, Usher, Tyrese, Tyga, Jay Rock, Tinashe, Lil Wayne, KC, KP, Demi, Kat and NiNi. (best song is I'm From The Bay") Its currently number 21 on the charts beating out Brandy's new album. Its available in stores worldwide and on her site with free shipping for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Press Play" by Monica Spears. Last is Kelly Clarkson who've we been waiting for forever. She was the first ever artist signed to PSR back in 2008, and she made that known with this album which is her 7th called "I Was First" Its full R&B and she is an amazing singer. She dropped it at 8am and already she is over 100 million copies so far which is higher then the other 3. Its produced by herself and NiNi and features Kelly Rowland, Solo and NiNi only. Its number 17 at the charts which beat out most except for RiRi and KP. Its available on her site, the PSR site and in music stores worldwide for $11.99. Click here to purchase "I Was First" by Kelly Clarkson....Next up is Katherine Mcphee, Anna Margaret, K. Michelle and Diamond who are dropping their albums tomorrow, be on the lookout....In other news HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! Today is NiNi's 25th birthday and to make it sweeter her new movie Carmen 2 released in movie theatres worldwide today and its a huge success bringing in over 200 million dollars so far and millions of fans lined up at her theatres and others across the globe. The movie even made it across seas. Its very popular and just might be NiNi and B's most successful movie ever! Its other actors and actresses in the movie, but NiNi and B's performances completely wipe out everyone else and the focus is all on them from start to finish. I really don't like musicals too much but this isn't your average musical where its nothing but singing and dancing, its more drama then singing which is always a good thing and I must say I enjoyed  it alot. If you guys haven't seen it yet, click here to check out my full 3 page review on it from start to finish (warning, spoiler alert) Congrats to the queens on such an amazing collab project, now people really cant wait for their mixtape collab, and we can't either. Besides enjoying all this success from her movie sales on her bday, its also said that her crew is doing something really special for her tonight at the label (probably a party) arranged by all her besties but set up  and masterminded by the main one which is of  course number 1. We aren't sure if this is true, but we haven't been able to get in touch with NiNi as of yet, some sources say birthday or not, she's still working trying to get everything out the way like its a regular day. COME ON QUEEN relax and have fun for one day of the year especially today.....If you're reading this happy birthday, have a great day. Don't forget to go check out "Carmen 2" I promise you wont waste your money......(sorry guys comment section will be fixed within the next couple days)

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