Thursday, November 27, 2014

NiNi Stage Dives And Gets Groped, But Surprisingly Doesn't Flip

Today, NiNi and B did their first promotion show, which was a quick little show (45 min) for Turkey Day. They have one more promo show and a few days left together to promote their new mixtape. This show was in "The City Of Rock" Nashville Tennessee and as usual they killed it. But during the show, around the ending of it she jumped into the crowd and they carried her around the stadium while she was still singing. As the crowd carried her back to the front, someone got an idea in their head to grope her (for those who don't know, "groping" means to inappropriately grab someones butt or other sensitive part of their body, and it usually happens with females when they stage dive. Someone did that to NiNi and the look on her face seems as if they did a little more..... like a finger might've "accidentally" went know. They carried her back to the stage and she said "Man someone must be hella horny huh" The crowd went super loud cheering for that comment and B laughed. This is pretty much the ONLY time that NiNi has EVER been so calm about someone breaking her "no touching rule" she must be in great Holiday Spirits. This was captured on video and you can click here to check it out. NiNi and B's charity also is donating Turkey's to the less fortunate at the food bank in West Atlanta so if you are strapped for cash this year, you may just be able to cop a free turkey and have a good Thanksgiving. You can click here for directions to the food bank. Nothing is going on today because literally everyone is off at PSR, so check me out tomorrow when everyone is back. In the meantime, everyone have a safe happy and healthy Turkey Day!.......

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