Wednesday, November 12, 2014

15,16,17,18 + Carmen 2 Tomorrow....VERY anticipated

Today is day 6 of the famous #PSRFEST and we got 4 more new albums but only 3 of them are doing good. 1st up is Brandy. This is Brandy's second PSR album called "Rise To Fame" Its full R&B mixed with some pop. It released midnight and did better then her first selling over 2 million copies within 22 minutes. Fast forward a few hours later and she is now at 300 million copies. Its produced by Jamie Lee and NiNi and features, Ray J, Monica, Monica Spears, Cymphonique, Solo, and NiNi. "Rise To Fame"Has been getting a nice buzz all day and many say Brandy is proving that she belongs at PSR. Its available on Itunes, the PSR site, her site and in retail music stores worldwide for $7.99. It is number 34 on the charts which hasn't beat out the 4 from yesterday yet, but still really good. Brandy isn't royal but her sales are climbing to that royal status. Click here to purchase "Rise To Fame" by Brandy. Next up is Demi Lavato which is her 4th PSR album and hers is by far the greatest yet. Its called "Southern Hospitality" and it dropped at 2am and by 2:22AM, she was at 188 million copies, now she is at 999 million copies, which is about to reach 1 billion copies which is the queens level. Her album is her famous Pop/R&B combo style with some dance and rock and she kills it. Its produced by herself and some by Kanye and features Ye, Breezy, RichBoy, Keri Hilson, China and NiNi. Its at number 3 on the best album charts which beats out everyone and she is the first to do it. "Southern Hospitality" is available on her site and in music stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Southern Hospitality" by Demi. Next up is Lloyd, he's the one whose album isn't doing to well. Its called "Story Of My Life" and he dropped it at 5am and 8 hours later he's only a 2,090 copies which is pathetic. This is his first album and its not doing so good. Its full R&B produced by J.Cole and Mac 10, and features Ashanti and NiNi only. Its available in music stores worldwide and on Itunes for $12.99. Its number 78 on the charts so he needs much more sales to stay with PSR. Show your boy Lloyd some love, click here to purchase "Story Of My Life" by Lloyd. Last is KC who is also doing amazing. Her 3rd album is called "Sent From Heaven" which is the name of her 2009 song of the same name. She dropped hers at 9am this morning and so far is at 200 million copies. Her album is Hip-Hop and R&B with a little Cali Swag produced by mainly NiNi and herself and features NiNi only. Its available on Itunes and in music stores worldwide for $10.99. Click here to purchase "Sent From Heaven" Her album is 19 on the charts. Next is Nick, Karmen, Monica Spears and Kelly Clarkson, be on the lookout. P.S Carmen 2 is releasing in theatres everywhere tomorrow on the queens bday, and everyone is so excited and cant wait including us. Come back tomorrow for a full review on the movie.

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