Saturday, November 1, 2014

"On The Run"

Yesterday, NiNi's new movie "On The Run" premiered in movie theatres worldwide and its hot. Its non stop action from start to finish. The "New York Times" calls it "Fierce and thrilling all throughout" The acting is perfect from every actor and actress and the plot is interesting and keeps you entertained. The movie is about two women who both are a product of their environment, they both were raised by drug addicts living in poverty and violence and they commit small crimes here and there to keep themselves going. They meet purely by chance when NiNi's character Tanya meets Ali's character "Mika" and while Tanya is getting beat up by her boyfriend Joe (played by Orlando Brown) in public, Mika comes to her rescue and beats him with a baseball bat. The two quickly become friends and even though its never shown in the film, its implied that they may have a closer relationship then just friends. They both find jobs and are making decent money. Tanya and Mika both work as a bank teller and things are going right for them until their bank gets robbed and the robbers get shot by a crooked cop who works inside the bank. But after the robbers entered, they had second thoughts and decided to leave, but the cop shot both of them anyway and pointed the blame on Tanya and Mika. He shot at them, while they both ran and hid for cover, until Mika picked up one of the guns the robbers were using and shot the cop dead. She grabbed Tanya and they both fled the scene. Now wanted for the murder of a cop, they both decide to flee, changing their names and appearances. For over 6 years they skip from place to place while cops are searching for them. Eventually they settle in Virginia and become apart of the community, but after a while both women become suspicious of each other, thinking the other will snitch and they eventually get distant. Tanya gets a boyfriend (played by William Hartford) and Mika becomes jealous eventually seducing and having sex with him. The two women fight and sever ties with each other, but the Police catches up with them and they both have a bloody shootout with them until they eventually escape and continue their life on the run. But soon more cops are on their trail and they eventually plot to murder both women as they drive through a new town. Early morning, they approach a new town and the cops spring out from behind bushes and empty over 700 bullets into their car killing both, which is how it ends with a voice over from Tanya,. The movie stars NiNi, Ali Larter, William Hartford, Orlando Brown and Ke$ha, with small cameos by Too Short, Bow Wow, Mike Epps, Kerry Washington and Keri Hilson. The movie has violence, language,drug use, profanity and some nudity and is rated R. The full review of the movie can be found here. The movie has been given 5 stars and Ali's performance is voted as "The best of her career" and NiNi's performance has been voted as the fiercest role of her career. Its a huge buzz and a huge following for this movie and its receiving positive reviews from all around the world. Theatres were packed all yesterday especially her theatres, and today its even more people then yesterday with some sources saying that's its people lined up all around the block waiting to get in, an some people even have to stand up inside the theatre while watching, which is what they are choosing to do. One thing is for sure, NiNi's second new movie "Carmen 2" has major competing for "On The Run" Di you guys see it yet? Do you think "Carmen 2" will have a chance?

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