Tuesday, November 11, 2014

12,13,14 + Seems Likes Its Issues In Bestie Town

Miranda, RiRi, Rita. Its Day 5 of the November fest and we got 3 more delicious albums from 3 mega talented artists. 1st up is Miranda Cosgrove. This is her 4th PSR album called "Royal Pains" Her album dropped at midnight and although her album wasn't as anticipated as many of the others before her, by 1am, she was at 678 thousand copies sold. Fast forward to right now, she is a little over 52 million copies sold. The album is a mix between Pop and R&B and produced mainly by The Dream and Swizz Beats. The album features Her daughter Mya (little baby sounds in the background on the song "My Little Mya") KeKe Palmer, Mona L, KP, KC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti and NiNi. She is now in her hometown of Santa Monica promoting it along with her new perfume. "Royal Pains" is a mix between sad songs and empowering songs, and seems mostly aimed at the fans who might have something that is difficult in their lives but learning how to grow above it, be stronger and conquer it with your strength. Its aimed at men and women in the age range from 19-28. "Royal Pains" is getting a huge buzz and Miranda keeps her royal status. Its number 19 on the best album charts....Its available on her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Royal Pains" by Miranda Cosgrove. Next is RiRi. Besides Reggie, her album was the most anticipated album of the year as well and she dropped it a month early today, its called "R8" which is her 8th PSR album. Its a fierce combo of Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B and her famous style of Caribbean soul. She dropped her album at 5am and by 515am, she was already at 3.2 million copies, now she is over 700 million copies, and she is the first one to beat out Katy and Cymphonique's sales within the 4 days that they had the high sales title. "R8" is receiving very positive reviews, and she is being praised for her sexy lyrics and filthy mouth. Its mostly produced by Drama and herself and features Breezy (Yes I said Breezy), Lil Wayne, B, Solo, Jay, Nicki, Aretha Franklin, Musiq, Chase and NiNi. It is currently number 11 on the best album charts which is doing better then all the newly released albums so far. It is also a visual album. "R8" is the new talk of the town, and RiRi shows us that the "Bad Girl" is back with this new album. Its available on Itunes, her site and in music stores worldwide for $12.99 complete with the visual CD. Free shipping if you order it online. Click here to purchase "R8" by RiRi. Last is Rita Ora. This is her 3rd PSR album and just like Miranda, it wasn't highly anticipated but it was greatly accepted. She dropped it only 1 hour ago at 12pm, and now its 1pm and so far she has sold exactly 1 million copies which is amazing. Her last album took 5 days to hit the million mark. This album is called "Never Slip Up" Its mostly Rap, but has some Pop and R&B as well. She uses her English accent alot on many songs on this album which she doesn't do alot of, but it sounds well. Its produced by NiNi and herself, and features, her ex enemy Tamar Braxton, Brandy, Tupac (sample) Biggie Smalls (sample) Kid Ink, Rihanna and NiNi. Her album is number 22 on the charts so far. "Never Slip Up" is available on her site and in music stores worldwide for $10.99. Her sales are still climbing and many agree she has become more talented since signing with PSR. Do you agree? Click here to purchase "Never Slip Up" by Rita Ora. Next up is Brandy, Demi Lloyd  and KC (YAY) who are dropping their albums tomorrow, so be on the lookout. In other news, its drama in the world of the 6 besties, but its only between 2 and its not involving NiNi, its involving number 1 and number 3 (That's B and Cymphonique for those who don't know) We aren't sure why they are having issues, but their pics on Instagram paint a vivid picture that they simply are not feeling each other. It wasn't any twitter beef, no diss songs, no fighting, but if you pay attention to their series of pictures posted on Insta, you'll see what I mean. Click here to see.....B and Cymphonique's reps haven't responded for requests for comments and the other 4 aren't speaking up on it (super secret circle don't count on it) So just what is going on between the 2 besties? We don't know, probably never will, but if we find out more, we'll let you know.......P.S, all 3 who released an album today had their PSR contracts up for renewal and they were eligible to renew based on their initial sales. They will all be at PSR for another 4 years (unless of course they do something stupid, no offense).....

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