Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PSR Drama Free Post Is Bogus

We told you yesterday that sources are reporting that PSR is completely drama free, well its NOT true with the exception of Miranda and Alexis who squashed their beef and are about to collab soon, but everyone else is still very much involved in their beef and for some, its getting worse. The groups who first published the story seemed to have assumed that everyone was cool due to PSR having to attend a label meeting (which is where the entire label goes instead of just a person) and being that all these people will be in the same spot as each other, they figured everything is OK, but its not. So it wasn't just a story to make money, they truly thought that it all was over, but as well know, PSR wont kill their beefs that easily, especially the bloody beefs and the stubborn people. So still so much beefs and drama at PSR, and the reliable sources are now reporting that its drama beginning to pop off between NiNi and Nicki which seemed to be coming all along and it has seemed to be tension between them for a while and now it seems to be getting worse. Sources say that Nicki may not be at PSR for too much longer. Is it because of the Young Money beef? who knows, what do you guys think?

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