Sunday, November 30, 2014

China Charged With Hit And Run?????

Some news came across the scanner today that says that China was involved in a hit N run. Sources say that her car, which is a 2011 BMW Truck ran a red light and a little girl was crossing and she hit her and stopped for a second then kept on going. Its confirmed that it was her car because her license plate is "CHINA" and its her car but being that her windows are fully tinted, it is not known if she was driving the car or someone else, but the question is, who else would be driving her car. The girl who is 11 years old is in critical condition and its just a matter of waiting to see if she will make it. Police are looking for China but she is unavailable since she is on her own mini tour before the "Huge Legends Tour" starts. NiNi though, defended her "daughter" and said that China will never drive carelessly and insists that someone else was driving her car, maybe it was stolen or someone knew her and had access, but once again the question is who? Stay tuned for more info later when we get it, this is a huge topic so we will have more info later. China has been unavailable for comment all day. Stay tuned.....

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