Friday, November 14, 2014

23,24,25,26 + Number 1 And 3 WAY More Drama

Today is day 8 of the famous PSR album fest and we got 4 more albums. Click here to read a full review on each. 1st is Katherine Mcphee with her 2nd album "Connected". Next is Ann Margaret with her 3rd album called "2H2H" which stands for "2 Hot 2 Handle" . Next is K. Michelle with her 3rd album called "Female Instinct" and last is Diamond with her 4th album called Straight From The A"   Click here to purchase these new albums. In other news, B and Niq Niq aren't cool as we all know, but it seems to be taking a turn for the worse as now Cymphonique's mom is in it and made it ten times worse and its making fans attack Cymphonique as they think that she had to call her mom to fight her battles. Her mom posted "First off, I don't care who said what to who, you're a grown ass woman, ain't you like 50? she's 22 years old you cunt! You're old enough to be her mother and yet you're at war with a child? Let me tell y'all something, they are all faker then her boobs, I can't stand that entire family" At first no one knew who she was talking about but shortly after she posted "B, Solo, Matt, Tina, Kelly they all are whack think they shit don't stink and I want anyone of them to come to the N.O and see how popular they are, don't get fucked up sweetheart cuz I can show you what a real queen bitch I can be"  Its well known that her mom Sonya is the equivalent of K.C (no offense) when it comes to her mouth, but fans have been attacking Niq Niq and her family all morning and now Solo is also involved and was involved in a Twitter beef with her for over an hour. Cymphonique went live and personally said that she had no part on what her mom said and she said that from her own mouth not because she asked her too, and she never asked her to get involved, but no one believes her, and her album stopped selling and many radio stations aren't playing her music anymore. B just posted "LMAO" on Twitter, and being  that Solo and fans are putting her entire fam in it too, Romeo, J..R and Yung B (Cymphonique's brothers) are also involved in it so its one big crazy mess. Cymphonique made one last attempt to end it before it gets bigger, she posted "Look I wanna go on the record saying I had  no part in this, but its my fault regardless for not stopping it so the so called war (which it never was) between me and her is over because I said so, the white flag is raised so B its over OK, its not worth it" Despite that statement, people feel she's only doing that because she wants to continue selling her albums. Its lots of drama going on, click here to check out all the chaos....

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