Sunday, April 27, 2014

KC And Keri Arent Feeling Each Other.....Is It Because Of NiNi?

When it comes to beefing inside the label, PSR is known for it more then beefs outside of the label, and today another one is steaming up and its between once good friends KC and Keri Hilson. Those two women had a serious fight over Twitter today which had the whole world talking. It started when Keri posted this statement "I love my job, I love my label, and I love my boss like yo she's the coolest ever, but being that cool makes you have alot of dick riders and this label has alot especially the Oakland Queen she's been showing alot of weirdness lately and that shit is bugging me, its not jealously people its just fucking disgust are you tattooed on her ass or something chick? We all know NiNi has at least 15 California Artists on PSR, but its only one who is from Oakland and only one that calls herself the "Oakland Queen" and that's KC. So naturally KC responded saying "I love how one minute its like oh you're so cool we gotta kick it and record a song together ASAP, but  then its like you're bipolar and you have all this bullshit anger on your chest that you cant let off in front of someones face, I hate fake ass females yo word to my son!" Keri responded saying "Someone has a guilty conscious huh, and FYI never fake babygirl watch yourself with that comment" After that, a war broke out over Twitter between the two and had over 70,000 fans tuned in commenting and supporting. The war started at 823am and it ended at 1pm on the dot after Keri said "I'm too mature for this I gotta go" The twitter war lasted for over 4 hours and it was many hurtful and disrespectful things said, you can click here to check out the full war as neither artist has deleted their messages. But one thing that we noticed throughout this war is that both of them seemed to keep mentioning NiNi and if you really pay close attention to what they both are saying, it seems as if NiNi gave KC a promotion even though KERI is royal and KC is not and KERI has been there longer then KC and that promotion comes with more money and more albums, basically more spotlight and it seems that  KERI doesn't feel she deserved that, AKA jealousy. Believe it or not, this happens more times then you realize, many female celebrities beef over jealousy and something as simple as this and sometimes it starts and ends on a good level and its over and forgotten, other times the beef continues and it evolves into a fight it just depends on what type of beef it is and how strong the beef is, and our guess: This beef is beyond strong. Its sad too because at one point KC and KERI were best best of friends to the point KC said that KERI was her son's godmother,  now look at it. Being that this beef is inside the label we feel that being that they see each other every day this will get so much bigger, we will let you guys know!


johnny1 said...

both are very immature I always knew KC was immature but I never knew keri was too

johnny1 said...

they all are immature dude nothing new