Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NiNi Makes An Unexpected Visit To England To Visit The Site Of The Titanic, Causes Controversy + Disses KimYe?

Today, NiNi made an unscheduled visit to England which was also unapproved as customs aren't allowing any Americans to the country at the moment as Obama and the white house are currently participating in a war with the country, which caused controversy for her going over with no clearance at all and not having to go through customs at all. She visited the La Brena dock which translates to the Titanic dock which is where the Titanic first set sail in 1912 over 100 years ago and its now a memorial for those who died on the ship. And she was snapped rocking stunna glasses with a Caribbean green and yellow outfit on snapping pictures of the memorial site and she posted them to Instagram. Her presence there was not accepted by anyone expect the fans of course who all cheered for her, but as far as the government is concerned, she committed a felony just by stepping foot in the country and then using her status to not have to go through customs, and the British capitol takes this as a very serious offense especially in the middle of a war. State officials approached her and told her to leave, but her bodyguards told them she has permission from her own government which is the president AKA Obama to visit the country on a business visit not a personal visit. This caused even more controversy as the England officials contacted the American government and it was confirmed that Obama nor the government allowed her to enter the country. NiNi was gone from the spot by the time they came to arrest her, and it is said that she has now left the country after her short visit, but this means nothing to the England government, as they still have the right to issue her an arrest warrant in her country for violating a set order. Furthermore, she entered the country without entering customs by using her royal powers which is not accepted no matter who you are which means that the customs agent that allowed her to enter without being searched and checked will be fined no minimum of 10,000 dollars and they will be fired as well as face up to 8 years in jail. And if the England government decides to pursue this matter further NiNi can face a fine of up of 1 million dollars as well as up to 12 years in prison, and she is already on parole as it is. She faces evading customs by unlawful purposes and entering a country illegally as well as false misrepresenting her true business there, and foreign countries take that very serious as there are many terrorists trying to enter other countries for  the purpose of harm or the sale and distribution of illegal items such as counterfeit items or illegal drugs. And since NiNi murdered the London reporter early last year, the England government isn't exactly a huge fan of hers right now. NiNi has been confirmed to be back in America, but as usual she is not scared and instead she is making jokes about it she posted "Oh boo hoo I came to the country tear tear omg don't hang me please I like my neck exactly where its at, awww tear tear" But this time someone responded to her which sparked a small argument and it was babydoll. She responded to NiNi's post and she wrote "NiNi girl chill you really can be in serious trouble those people don't play when it comes to shit like that, so we all worried for you, you should be too, that's really not something small" NiNi responded saying "Excuse me? Why the fuck are you in my business you need to be worrying about working and stop worrying about me are you serious Breanna? Babydoll replied saying "Nisha chill, you being all big and bad you're gonna find yourself locked up for a long time and you don't need that, I'm just trying to help you!" NiNi replied "I don't need your help and don't you ever put an exclamation point to me because you know you cant yell louder then me sweetie so like I said worry about you and what you got going on not me" Babydoll replied saying "Fine" Seems like these "sisters"are having some sibling rivalry huh. But Babydoll is actually right but NiNi always makes fun of everything serious which is something she should be expecting already because we were. So what will happen to NiNi? Stay tuned to find out! In other news, did NiNi diss KimYe? We all know that NiNi had a huge problem with the kardashian fam at first, even about to fight Kourtney,  but now she has admitted herself that she is cool with Kim and she is really getting close with Khloe because she is super cool, and she's that wild party girl she likes to hang out with which is a long way from where they were at first. But today sources say NiNi dissed KimYe which is Kim and Ye of course who is her own uncle. How did she do that? Well before this whole mess about her unapproved trip to England, she did an interview with Global and that interview hasn't been made public yet but sources say it was a question that was asked by them which was "How do you feel about Kim K being your aunt" NiNi replied "Marriage dude not blood that's how you gotta put it 4real, its whatever that's what he wants but if she was a real aunt I probably wouldn't claim her I think their whole entire whatever they got is a joke period" Did NiNi say this? We have no idea and NiNi isn't responding to anything today, she's only responding to what she wants to respond to and that's not whats actually going on now so we may never know but if we get anymore details we will let you know!


johnny1 said...

nini just don't give a fuck don't yall realize that by now shes like the female pac young black and don't care about shit

johnny1 said...

yeah but babydoll wasn't wrong that female pac status shit she got goin on is gonna get her exactly where he was no offense and no jynx but its the real

johnny1 said...

maybe but if she don't gaf then u don't either period