Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The PSR Wardrobe Malfunction Curse

Every since late 2012, PSR has gained the name of "The PSR Wardrobe Malfunction" Curse due to mostly all the females having wardrobe malfunctions back to back, and that name is still following them. Just this week alone, Rihanna made an appearance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards where she performed with Eminem their song "Monster" and while she was bouncing around on stage she showed more then she probably ever would want to, wearing just a long white T-Shirt and it flew up and revealed her lady parts as she was wearing no panties underneath. A couple days ago, Selena Gomez made an appearance at Coachella in Chicago and after giving one of the reporters a hug her dress slid to the left and her nipple popped out and stayed out for over 10 minutes without her even knowing it until a security guard alerted her attention to it. Yesterday, during NiNi's fight, which wasn't noticed at first,  after NiNi was pulled off of Sarah by the cops her thong was showing and her shirt slipped down for half a second and her bra slipped down as well showing her nipples. The video of the fight has since been removed from the Internet by NiNi's PR team. Over the past 2 weeks the PSR artists who have had embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions are: Katy Perry, Demi Lavato, Nicki Minaj, Brandy, Kat, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Alex, Ariana Grande, Jazmine, Monica Spears, Jhene Aiko Kelly Rowland, Solange and even Ye who's balls popped out of his boxers after his pants fell down while trying to get away from paparazzi. The worst though has to be Cymphonique who on April 7th suffered a serious malfunction when her entire dress gown fell apart and completely fell off her body revealing her full breast and nipples and she literally was topless in front of thousands of people and had to be covered by her bodyguards and escorted out. Doesn't any of these women believe in wearing Bra's anymore? So the PSR curse lives on. Click here to check out the many people the PSR curse has claimed in its clutches over the years. In other news, NiNi is rocking the Vybe Magazine this month, she had an awesome photo shoot today and she was in New York promoting her new fragrance "Lady Killer" and she confirmed that the April issue of Vybe has her on the cover, which will be her 5th time in 5 years appearing on their cover, we all know how much NiNi loves Vybe Mag. We have the copy of the front cover and she is smoking hot. Click here to check it out! P.S don't forget to check out episode 3 of "Livin With NiNi" tomorrow night on VH1 at 8pm!

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