Saturday, April 12, 2014

T.Marie, Eve And NiNi

Today, NiNi dropped the first single off of her upcoming mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" titled "You Know What It Is" It features her battle buddy Miss Marie and it reunites her and her fellow cast member from her movie "Its A Cold World In These Streets" Miss E.V.E. The beat is vicious, from the moment it starts playing, that beat draws you in. Its deep bass and has rich undertones and you can tell its a Kanye beat. NiNi hasn't switched up too much from "24" but she seems to be adding some street in it now as well. Check out this line "I gotta do it bigger, bigger then these other niggas, If you want it come and get it all these niggas wanna hit it bet a Milli I'm the realest catch you slippin ima kill it goin hard until they feel it keep it street sexy and business how a real bitch live it" She does her famous fast wordplay on here and it sounds dope, compare her lyrics with the beat and you have a dope song. Miss Marie takes second verse and she sings but she does equally well, with some nice harmony patterns in her voice, and Eve goes in, she raps and does it really good, and many people are saying that she may have out rapped NiNi. The song quickly shot up to number 1 beating out her song from "24" which was "Make Me Wet" which spent over a month at the top, now we feel this song will be here for a while as well. Click here to check out "You Know What It Is" by NiNi Ft Teiarra Marie and Eve. In other news, today, NiNi was spotted with the no makeup look going to a dermatology office in Santa Barbara CA. She gave a quick little wave for the camera before entering the building. Gotta keep that skin flawless right. Click here to check out the photo!

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