Thursday, April 17, 2014

Livin With NiNi Ep.3!

Last night, episode 3 of "Livin With NiNi" aired at 8 on VH1 with over 1 million viewers tuned in. The episode started off with NiNi's voice saying "Previously on "Livin' With NiNi" and scenes from episode 2 flashed through and then the theme song came on. The show started off at NiNi's house and it says "NiNi's house 6:45am" and the camera pans inside her house and she is seen under the covers in bed. Her phone goes off and it wakes her up and she puts it on speaker and its her manager "Johnny" who says "NiNi we were able to secure you several locations for the tour so we need you to come down and sign with the corporations, she replies "OK I'm just getting up, let me get ready" and he says "OK see you soon" in a voice over NiNi says "So I was finally able to get all of my arenas secured, so the next few days will be crazy for me to get everything in order which should've been done, but that's what happens when you work with assholes" It then shows her getting out of bed and she has on women's boxers and a wife beater rocking the no make up look and it shows her getting into the shower and getting out wrapping a towel around herself, and the first thing she does is go on instagram and take photos like she does every morning and the time clock flashed by and tick tick tick she was getting later and later and still wasn't even dressed yet. A few flash by's showed her eating toast, watching TV, and laying back in bed saying to herself "No I don't want to go, don't make me. When she finally was all up and ready it was a little after 9 and she left the house where a security guard escorted her to the limo. Fans were crowded outside her gate and when she came out they all cheered and started flashing pictures and screaming out "We love you NiNi" NiNi waved and said "I love you guys too!" Her gate opened and a few more security guards posted in front making sure no one can get past the gates, and NiNi got into the back of the limo and the driver pulled off as the gates closed behind them. It then shows her in the back seat of the car doing her hair and her make up and in a voice over she says "This isn't my day, I'm cramping, my head hurts and I don't feel like doing anything, but who else is gonna get it done?, I guess I'm very unreasonable to think my managers can handle this one without me" On the way to the airport, NiNi tells the driver to stop at a mini mart so she can get a red bull, he pulled over and escorted her into the store and some fans noticed her and asked for autographs, she signed a couple got her red bull and was back on the road. Another voice over says "Man, these fans kill me (laughs)" It then shows her pulling up at the airport and speeds up showing her going to her gate and waving at fans who were taking pics of her along with some Paparazzi as well. Its shows her boarding the plane and it switches up to her landing in Chicago and hopping into her car. After a commercial break, she is seen arriving at the PSR building where the subtitles pop off and says "PSR Headquarters" Her manager Johnny is then shown and he is introduced as "Johnny" NiNi's manager, after discussing plans for the tour she finds out that her production company isn't planning on funding the tour which sends her into a rage and she argues with the head of her company over the phone which we hear her say "Goddammit you work for me not the other way around" The man says "Nisha we can't provide funding for anything overseas you know that better then that, now if you keep it in the United States, we can fund it but any overseas it must come out of your pocket" NiNi wasn't trying to hear it and she hung up on him, and although  he tried to call back she turned her phone off, and she came in a voice over saying "*Sigh* this isn't my day, this asshole wont provide me funding anymore which now means either my entire overseas schedule is shot or I would have to put up at least 5.8 trillion dollars myself which ultimately means I make no money, so either way I'm fucked, I knew I should've stayed home today and on top of that it smells like ass in here" Another commercial break comes and when it comes back, we see NiNi conversating with Teiarra Marie in the studio and she is discussing her tour schedule and she paired her up with Big Sean. Miss Marie is introduced as "Teiarra Marie PSR artist" Her phone rings and her production company agrees to the funding as long as she does 19 overseas locations instead of the originally planned 14 so they can get reimbursed for some of their money and she agrees to it. In a voice over she says "Not the best plan, but it still gets me where I need to be" Then it says "Coming up" and the scenes show NiNi pressuring Nicki into putting in more work, and in a voice over she says "Nicki is my girl she always has been down for me, but they all  know this is a business not a school, its no friends when you're in this building, and if you cant get your business right you have to go" and it shows Nicki looking nervous" After the break a voice over by NiNi says "So I'm getting ready to go to rehearsals, my first show is in 2 days, I'm excited for this tour I haven't really been performing lately, so it's gonna be dope and get back on the stage, but I do miss hubby even though he's an asshole sometimes (laughs)" Meanwhile back at PSR, NiNi walks in on Nicki and when Nicki is shown she's introduced as "Nicki Minaj PSR artist" and instead of working, she is posting pics to her instagram on her phone and NiNi says "Nicki what the hell is this?" Nicki doesn't reply she just puts her phone away quick" and NiNi says "Girl, what I tell y'all that shit is not happening here, did you even do the 3 songs you told me about 2 weeks ago? Nicki says "Well I didn't finish them if that's what you mean, but I did start on them" NiNi looks at her like "Are you serious" and she says "You started them?? its been 2 weeks and you only started them is that what you're telling me" Nicki once again doesn't say anything and looks at her like she is nervous and is at a loss for words. NiNi shakes her head and walks out of Nicki's studio, Nicki calls after her but she slams the door and we see Nicki sit down and put her hands on her head. Then a voice over from NiNi "Nicki is so lazy, I cant have lazy people, no work will get done which apparently its not, then after a long pause she says "I might have to get rid of her" Nicki then has a voice over and she said "I admit I haven't been doing much work, I have this new movie that I have been working on and that cut into my time a lot, but regardless I guess I do see Nisha's point" NiNi leaves the building looking frustrated and it pops up "3 days later" and we see a long line of people lined up outside the Metro Stadium in Brooklyn New York which is where NiNi had the first show of her "One Woman Show" world tour. Fans are lined up for miles cops are in full force and the streets are completely blocked off and packed. NiNi is in a voice over and she says "Its a lot going on at that label, and a lot of shit that I'm not too pleased with but tonight I have more to worry about, its my first night of the tour and my first time performing in New York for over 3 years, I'm not usually a nervous person but tonight I'm extremely nervous so PSR is the last thing on my mind right now" A city away in Manhattan, NY NiNi and her dancers are in rehearsals preparing for the show which started in 2 hours, and it showed her taking control like always and yelling at people to get it right and don't slack off. The music played and they danced and after an hour went by she was fairly satisfied with the routine and they were ready to go. Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, some fans started getting the OK to go in, NiNi's limo pulled up and everyone cheered and she stepped out wearing a fur coat with some designer jeans and a LV shirt. She waved at everyone and went inside the arena. The guards took tickets and let the fans in one by one, which the camera sped up. Inside,  the camera' went backstage showing NiNi's make up people doing her hair and doing her makeup and whatnot. The show began a little late at 8:15 instead of 8 on the dot, but fans didn't care. The camera's showed us some of the show, not all, but we did see she killed it with her signature fireworks, and exploding out the floor. Her guest was RiRi and they performed their new song together and the audience loved it. At the end she screamed "I love you Brooklyn! The crowd went wild and it cut to NiNi's voice over and she said "Well it turned out great, I was so nervous but somehow once I stepped on stage that feeling went away, that just tells me this job is annoying at times, well most of the time (laughs) but its something that I'm born to do" and she smiles and the last scene shows a picture of the arena outside and it fades to black saying produced by Ryan Seacrest" Then the female announcer says "Next time on "Livin With NiNi" and the scenes from the next episode come up and it shows NiNi in a voice over saying "I'm having the time of my life with my shows, but Nicki is getting worse and now she's coming in late in addition to be lazy and its an excuse for everything" It then shows her confronting Nicki after she was caught trying to sneak drinking a bottle of Vodka she bought in instead of working and it shows NiNi saying "Nick I'm tired of you and I'm tired of your excuses just get out please, I'll mail you your last check" and she walks out her studio and slams the door and Nicki looks super shocked. It then shows Nicki walking away from the building saying "Bleep! which we assume is either Fuck or Shit and it shows her in a voice over crying with a tissue up to her eyes" and the female announcer says "Next Wednesday at 8 only on VH1" This episode was more or less showing what her job description is all about and we see its not all fun and games she has it rough, maybe more rough then anyone else on PSR, but its nice to see she knows how to bounce back and handle it as it comes. Her husband wasn't shown in the official episode neither were her kids, but after the show went off it showed a bonus clip that wasn't featured in the episode, the female announcer said "Cant get enough of NiNi?, check out tonight's and other episodes of "Livin With NiNi" by logging on to VH1, check out this bonus clip of Tonight's show. The clip showed previews of what happened last show where NiNi and her husband argued and NiNi said she wants out and it shows Beith trying to patch up things with NiNi and he calls her constantly but she doesn't answer and it shows her headed into a court room to get separation papers and it shows her signature at the bottom and the judge tells her she has to get his as well or he cant grant it and in a voice over she says "Beith sign something?, shit that wont ever happen" Then it shows him coming to her house and she opens the door he said "You look beautiful" she ignores him and says "What do you want" he went in for a kiss and she moved and walked away and he came into the house. It then shows her handing over the papers and she walks away. He opens them and begins to read and yells out "Yo what the fuck is this" and it shows him ripping the papers up and she yells "Get the fuck out my house!" he said "fine don't worry I wont ever come back to your house" and he walked out and before he left he said "My kids are coming with me you just keep worrying about yourself" Then he slammed the door and she ran to the door opened it and screamed "Those are my fucking kids fuck you its over" Paparazzi was all outside and he walked past them and they were "Beith! Beith! whats going on can we get a statement?" He ignored them and got in his car and pulled off and then NiNi slammed the door and she looked at the ripped up papers on the floor and she said under her breath "Fucking bastard" and it showed her in a voice over with tears saying "I cant do it anymore its done" Then the female announcer said "Check out this full clip on VH1.COM" It was a wonderful show and everyone is talking about it, the one thing that's good about NiNi's show is that its real instead of just creating random things for entertainment like most reality shows do. Don't forget to check out episode 4 next Wednesday at 8 on VH1 and you can click here to check out her full show in Brooklyn!

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