Friday, April 18, 2014

KC Releases New Song And Video + NiNi Has A Cartoon Coming Out?

Today, KC released a new song and video from her upcoming 2nd PSR artist called "Next Time (Wont Give My Heart Away) After the separation and eventual divorce from her husband Daniel Gibson this song was always in the works and its exactly about that, to think and get to know a person much better before you rush into marriage and although she doesn't mention his name, we know she is talking about him and that entire song and video is dedicated to him. Its a nice song and its doing very well with the female crowd especially the ones who are going through something similar with their men. KC's new album which is still untitled at this point is set for release for summer 2014 so be on the lookout for info on that. Speaking of KC, she is also set to head out on her 1st PSR world tour starting in her hometown of Oakland on May 21st and will head around the US until February of next year. Tickets will begin going on sale April 21st so all you big KC fans don't miss your girl in concert starting May! In other news, word from sources is that the queen has a new animated cartoon coming out. Its not many details on it, but it seems as being that she dedicated "24" to the grown and sexy crowd, now she wants to dedicate something to the young crowd, so obviously this cartoon will not be like "The Boondocks" or Futurama, we think its a cool idea, but sources say it wont be just a regular cartoon she will actually be in a cartoon which would be even more exciting to see. We don't have much info on it but when we get more we will let you know!


johnny1 said...

Its amazing that shes only 24 she got so many things going on like a 30 something year old woman, she done a lot in a short time that's dope

johnny1 said...

ikr she just got out the hospital like last month and she already did so much already like it was nothing