Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Its Cymphonique's Party And She'll Get Loud If She Wants To

Today, Cymphonique released her very long awaited overdue song which is her first new song since her 3rd PSR album dropped almost 7 months ago, and its a hard hitting party anthem titled "Its My Party" She has some smooth lyrics combined with a mega hard beat. The video for the song also released today and it has tons of females dancing on top of cars all dressed up with hats and street clothes with California Lowriders bouncing all around them, its actually a really nice video and it has received over 14,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded this morning. Fans are showing her lots of love for the song so far. She also has another song which she posted a little while ago which is a freestyle called "Murder She Wrote" and we get to hear her amazing rap skills in which she calls herself the first "R&B Trapper", she has bomb flowing skills. "Its My Party" made it to the hot 100 charts and so far is number 2 under NiNi's new song "You Know What It Is" and her freestyle is gaining massive attention on the mainstream freestyle scene. Click here to check out "Its My Party" and the "Murder She Wrote" freestyle by Cymphonique. And also Cymphonique mentioned a new world tour beginning this month starting in her hometown of New Orleans Louisiana called the "Turnt Up Tour" it begins April 21st and will stretch halfway across the world and will be wrapping up around December of this year. Click here to check out her twitter post!

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johnny1 said...

cymphonique growing up to b so sexy u see her ass damn