Friday, April 18, 2014

"I Think They Like Me"

A New song hit the music world today getting talked about blowing headlines and speakers out and beat out Cymphonique's new song called "I Think They Like Me" by everyone's favorite queen NiNi. The song samples Dem Franchize Boyz song "I Think They Like Me" on the hook and its a dope beat produced by Katy Perry complete with record scratching and gunshots which all add to the street lyrics. Its been a while since we heard the queen do it street, but we haven't forgot that she does it well and its a reason why she's the queen of rap. NiNi is solo on the song and the sample on the hook sounds nice as she has it skipping with the record scratching and it all goes together. The song was actually not announced, it was "shown", NiNi posted a picture on Instagram at 7:15am this morning with a picture of her studio and the caption of "I Think They Like Me" and instantly when fans saw that they assumed she was hinting at a possible song and when they searched they found out she was, that goes to show the queen doesn't even have to announce songs anymore all she has to do is show pictures of them and the rest will fall into place as her fans know whats up. Since it dropped its all over, the radio, DJ's are requesting it for the club and it hit number 1 almost instantly, and some people such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z want to remix it and at least 4,000 fans have already posted their own freestyles to the beat on YOUTUBE. This song is generating a huge buzz in the music world and all around the world, and it has received mostly positive reviews from music critics. We give the song 10 out of 10 stars, we can see her new mixtape is gonna be dope! Click here to check out "I Think They Like Me" by NiNi.....

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