Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Results Are In

The battle between the PSR crew and the KED crew was fierce both sides gave it all they got but only one walked away as grand champion. As mention the last street battle was note televised but the show went on anyway as planned and the results have been posted. The KED crew had a final score of 10.2 which is their highest score to date, the PSR had a final score of 10.4 a slightly higher score. That roughly translates to the KED crew coming in at 95% and the PSR crew coming in at around 97% which means the PSR crew are the new champions of dancing with the stars and they have stolen the championship from the 7 year champions the KED crew which no one has done. You can only imagine how much love they're receiving right now. The PSR Crew took home a huge 13 foot trophy to put on display in their label and a huge check for 2 million dollars which is 100,000 a piece for each member of the crew. They also had a chance to travel the world showcasing their dance moves. Appearing on other shows as well but The crew has expressed they are currently not interested in being full time traveling dancers at the moment as the music world is where they belong. The KED crew posted this on Twitter "Congrats to PSR, you guys went in and we have the most respect yall to the fullest appreciate the competition we'll see you guys again soon. Good luck. And as promised Nini kept her word about NY and stayed behind to mingle with fans sign autographs and take pictures before she left. However the downside to this Nini has damaged her leg even more due to the fact that she wasn't completely healed yet but on the bright side she has med and she's a champion. Click here to check out the final results. Congrats to the PSR crew!

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