Monday, March 18, 2013

NiNi's New Album The Highest Sold In History

NiNi's new album "Fierce" dropped on March 6th and the 1st day It reached over 50 trillion copies sold, but that was just the first day. So far it has been two weeks since the album dropped and now the sales have went up way past the Trillion mark, and being that its scientifically no word after Trillion the media is calling her albums sales "Unlimited" which is a title no one ever had before. The album is most popular with women among the ages of 16-29 and males 18-36 and its aimed at a more tough crowd, but even those who aren't big fans of rap, love her album. We would like to say congratulations to NiNi on the success of her album! Speaking of her, she posted this morning on her twitter that her cold has turned into the flu, and that her doctors say she should just rest and not go out, she also mentions she has chills and she feels like crap and she may have to go to the ER. Many fans have been asking her what hospital is she going too so they can come and visit her, but NiNi isn't that stupid to let them actually know, instead she just thanked everyone for the get well wishes and she promised us as soon as she is 100% better she will be back to perform for us. Feel Better queen!


johnny1 said...

wow congratulations miss nini

johnny1 said...

thats super dope! Im proud of u nini!

johnny1 said...

we all r proud of u queen!