Saturday, March 9, 2013

NiNi Speaks On Airport Incident

This evening, NiNi took a little time out from rehearsals to make a statement and she said "What happened earlier that wasn't me, I never would bring anything like that on me when I travel and especially not when I'm about to board a plane, I'm really not that stupid and I really wish that the media and some of you fans would stop thinking I am. Bottom line, I was set up,, I wont say by who, but they know who I'm talking about, and its not going to break me anymore, yes I'm sick of being targeted but I wont back down either, but it wasn't my stuff period I don't even use pills, never did, that's really not me, and I just wanted to make this clear to everyone especially those who actually believe I could have been that stupid and willingly set myself up to get caught, you think about that and tell me how that sounds and get back to me about it later, like really" Regardless though, set up or not, the drugs were in her bag which was in HER possession, the airport said "She's accusing someone else, but you know what, that someone else isn't here, we didn't find the illegal drugs in someone Else's possession we found it in hers, so if that "Someone else" steps up and takes the blame then we can take the appropriate action, but until then the crime was committed by the person who had possession and in this case its Mrs Nichols" ......NiNi said "Fuck You" to the airport but she declined to comment any further on the incident, and instead she is just getting ready for her show! We aren't sure what charges NiNi will be facing for this if any, but when we find out we will let you know! If you guys wanna check out NiNi's show tonight and cant make it or don't wanna wait for me to post on it tomorrow, pay-per-view has it live on demand under music picks for $99.00, so you can enjoy the full NiNi experience from home, whats cooler than that??!


johnny1 said...

we all know who she was set up by and honestly i was thinking about her being set up cuz it just didnt seem smart for her

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johnny1 said...

smh somebody always botherin her