Sunday, March 17, 2013

NiNi Cancels Shows Due To Illness

This morning, NiNi wrote on her website that she has come down with a really bad cold, and she will not be able to perform for the next couple days, but she will be leaving us with her hologram and her tour friend she said "I have a really bad cold, probably because it's always cold in Germany!! I wont be able to come to the next couple of shows, so I'm leaving you guys with my hologram along with B to enjoy during my absence I know y'all would love that, now its bed rest, soup,  meds and tea for me! GROSS!" NiNi didn't say how long she will be absent but fans immediately sent her get well soon messages on her site and wished her a safe recovery, and so do we, get well soon NiNi! In other news, NiNi has in fact separated Breezy and Ri Ri and they will no longer be going on tour together. Also word on the street is that NiNi is being sued yet again by a jewelry company after supposedly failing to return jewelry that was loaned to her for the purpose of the Grammy appearance only. Sources say the jewelry, worth 100 million dollars,  was only loaned to her as she did not pay for the items and she was supposed to return it after the Grammy's were done, but she didn't. We don't know if this story is true or not as not alot of media outlets are reporting on it, but we will let you know!


johnny1 said...

poor baby feel better N

johnny1 said...

can yall stop calling her N and just call her nini queen or hollywood dang that N shit sounds crazy

johnny1 said...

u dont like it then gtf outta here