Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NiNi Denies Adele Comment

NiNi has denied calling Adele suckish and she also denied acting like a zombie coming into work yesterday "I wasn't really myself yesterday, but I certainly was not acting how the media claimed I was acting and I surely didn't call anyone suckish, Adele is actually cool peoples with me and I would love the opportunity to work with her one day, because I for one think her music is brilliant" says NiNi. Adele also commented on the situation saying "When I first heard that she said that, I was like no way, that's why I didn't bother to comment on it, because I know her, and we aren't close but we have a connection musically and I just knew it wasn't true so I brushed it off like I do everything else when it comes to the media" NiNi also said she is much better today and she will be having an autograph signing all morning up until the time her show starts this afternoon at 1pm. She will be having her autograph signing from 7am to 12pm at the Center Hall in Germany and she is accepting all who can fit within that time frame. She will be signing mixtapes, posters, Magazines, Body parts, albums whatever you have of her, so if you would like to get NiNi 's autograph I would recommend to get there extra early because it will get packed FAST. Ill give you guys details on the show later!


johnny1 said...

i knew it wasnt true shes mean but i dont think shes that mean lol

johnny1 said...

man just shut up