Monday, March 25, 2013

NiNi Back To Action Today Schedules Two Shows Tonight!

NiNi has returned to work today after being out with the flu for almost two weeks. She has stated she is at least 97% better and that she is well enough to return to work. Immediately she scheduled two shows back to back out in Germany being that this is the queens last day of being out there. Although NiNi missed the entire Germany days,  her buddy has been holding it down for her but NiNi wants the Germans to get a double dose of N power tonight. They will be at the "PLAY" stadium in Frankfurter Germany at 8pm and then another show will pop off immediately afterwards at 10pm so you have two chances to see NiNi live in concert for a total of 4 HOURS between both shows! Her first day back and she is already trying to make herself sick again by doing this much work lol, but it just goes to show you that she does make it up to her fans and we are glad she is back welcome back queen!


johnny1 said...

welcome back ma glad u feel better

johnny1 said...

we;re glad ur back nini the industry is nuts and cuckoo without u lol

johnny1 said...

psr people prolly hate that shes back they cnt do whatever they want anymore like they been doin