Friday, March 22, 2013

Breezy Is Innocent

Breezy has in fact NOT called NiNi the B word, according to his interview this morning where he denied it and said he would never say that about his friend even if he was just fooling around with it, that's not something that would come out his mouth ever. We're glad because we honestly would hate to see breezy get kicked off of PSR wouldn't you? In other news, NiNi was scheduled for a appearance at the fashion walk in Houston today which is a place where every celeb who has a clothing line goes and gets their clothes judged and whoever wins receives a trophy for the hottest line of the year. NiNi was really excited to go there, but we don't have word yet, if she will still be attending due to her flu condition, but if she does I will let you guys know. Tickets are free to the event and you get to watch your favorite celeb or celebs compete for the hottest line of the year. It begins at 6pm Houston time, so be there!


johnny1 said...

Breezy aint that stupid lol

johnny1 said...

yeah right he just scared of her

johnny1 said...

who isnt these days