Friday, March 29, 2013

Did NiNi Act Like This??

The media is reporting that NiNi was acting BEYOND stuck up today at a restaurant in Japan which is where she and her tour buddy are now for the next week. Sources say that NiNi walked into a restaurant wanting a seat at the top of the restaurant on the roof but was told that its full, and she made a fit saying things like "Do you know who I am, don't ever tell me no when I request something" Sources say she demanded the rooftop seat and the restaurant to the point that the restaurant management had to ask two people who were already there to leave so she can take their seat. Sources also say the couple who was asked to leave was furious as they paid good money to be there and NiNi said "No one cares if you're upset, when you work as hard as I do then complain to me, now get lost" NiNi neither confirmed nor denied acting this way, so its no way to be sure if this went down or not, but until we hear some confirmation, what do you guys think?


johnny1 said...

i doubt that it went down that way maybe something happened but the media is probably just putting extras on it like always

johnny1 said...

hope so cuz i dont like people like that