Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nini's New Album!!!

Nini's Senior album (which means 4th) "The World Through My Eyes" has released at midnight and has hit the stores and sold out withing 2 minutes! The triple CD album is available on her site and the PSR site and both sites have crashed due to being downloaded so many times. The album has sold 187 million copies in the first hour of release and its still going up which makes the album quadruple certified PLATINUM and this is the highest amount of album sales Nini has ever seen in her career as no one has sold that many copies especially in the first day of release. Celebs have been tweeting about the album all morning and the album is receiving 100% positive reviews from everyone around the world! Kanye West tweeted "Congrats to the best that ever did it! I'll be bumping that in my car for the next 2 years lol" and Cymphonique tweeted "Congrats @Nini, album is FIRE, you are such an inspiration, you are like my freaking HERO!!!!! Many other celebs including Nicki Minaj, TI, B.B.O.D, EMINEM, B.O.B, MARY J BLIGE, MONICA, KEYSHIA COLE, KAT, JA-RULE, SELENA GOMEZ, KARMIN, DIAMOND, CHINA, CIARA, JAY-Z, USHER, J.COLE, OMG GIRLZ, JAY SEAN... and so much more have praised the album, and Nini will be making her 6 stop signing tour today starting in Oakland, CA at 10AM , and will be going to the rest of the locations to sign the album throughtout the day. We would like to say congrats to Nini on her album and all the sexy videos on it and we are sure that this album will be untouchable within the next month! Do you guys have the album yet?? PS the comment section is acting screwy right now, just post your comments and they will show later.....

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