Friday, June 22, 2012

Nini Proves She's Human Like The Rest Of Us

Nini has wrote a heartfelt letter on her site dedicated to Jim Bern's, a child who was born Blind and half deaf that she met a few years ago, and gives him a congratulations for his acceptance into college despite his condition. Here's what she said:
Jim Bern's:
The first time I met Jim Bern's was in 2008 at the Awards Show, He was born Blind and was 13 at the time, and he touched my heart with his love for music and his strength, despite his condition. He is 18 now and has just graduated high school, I'm so proud of Him! He was born in Philadelphia and is known as a good luck charm, and he has proven to everyone, that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. He is the bravest kid I know, his strength and determination is an inspiration, and he has just been accepted to the Temple University College of music and dance! Congratulations Jimmy!
Love, Nini
This isn't the first time Nini has reached out to her fans to show them they are special and important to her, in 2010, when Nini found out one of her younger female fans was diagnosed with cancer, she wasted no time in making a personal appearance at the hospital and bringing her on stage and dedicating her song "Dream Love" to her and donated 1 million dollars to her health care. She also is the founder of "We Will Make It" Foundation, which dedicates their time and resources to helping low income families and sick children as well as help with natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina etc. And she and her team has raised millions of dollars for scholarships for children and health care for kids as well as cancer research. She also donates to Children's Cancer Research every year. When she's not singing, dancing or acting she is proving that her status is not important compared to real problems that are going on in the world right now. She also just recently donated millions to help support our troops at war and bring them home safely. And she gave a BROOKLYN school the most memorable day of their lives, when she showed up at their gym and taught them all her dance moves and had a good time with them, and she proves that she is human just like us.


johnny1 said...

aww thats so sweeet we need more caring celebs like that

johnny1 said...

cool what a caring person she is :)