Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nini's New Album Coming Tomorrow!!

Nini's album "The World Through My Eyes" will be releasing tonight at 12 midnight and it will be hitting fine retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Cosco's. The album will feature a video anthology CD as well which has a video for every song on the album. The triple CD album has 28 songs and 28 videos for each song and will have a introduction price of $10.99 which is the cheapest Nini's albums have ever been. She will be signing her albums in 6 different places tomorrow which include, Atlanta, GA, Newark, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, Oakland, CA, Houston, TX and Nashville Tenneessee. Its available for pre-order on her site and her PSR site and will available tomorrow when it releases as well and the album features almost everyone on PSR its only 2 or 3 songs with Nini by herself so its more of a label collab album more than anything and fans around the world are SUPER PUMPED! We are too! How do you guys feel?


johnny1 said...

awesome! im def buying that

johnny1 said...

didnt know it was a video cd too thats even more dope

johnny1 said...

i bet its gonna be cool all her albums are great