Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cymphonique And B.B.O.D!

This afternoon a new song released titled "Painkillers" which is Cymphonique's new track and it is currently getting a video made for it, as well as Nini,Alex and Katy Perry's song. The song is not about real painkillers like medicine, its basically a reference to things to do to get over having your heart getting broken like recording music, drinking, partying, shopping things like that. Cymphonique sings on the song and the B.B.O.D crew raps and they are GOOD all 4 of them. Cymphonique's voice is improving 110% and the BBOD girls are not WHACK like everyone thought from the first song they did with Nini. They have gotten so much better now that they are with the PSR team and many people who originally said they suck are taking it back and saying they are the next big group! (crazy right lol) The song is 3 minutes 59 seconds long and its great from start to finish, there is not a best because they ALL did amazing! Nini is not in the song but she produced it (for those who don't know, producing a song means to make the beat to it, and mix it and master it to a professional quality sound) and even Nini agreed that the song came out alot better than she and everyone else expected. We give it 10 stars most definitely even though it really deserves more. It hit the billboard top 100 charts coming in at number 4 which beat out Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, but not Nini of course, and it was put on the PSR site for 99 cents and it crashed due to be it downloaded over 1 million times which makes the BBOD a next hot topic, which will get people requesting interviews with them and so on, which means they are now going to start blowing up HUGE! If you would like to check the song out click here In other news, Nini has said she is not angry with Selena and she understands and so does everyone else, and we are still not sure if they are going to press charges on her as of yet. Also PSR has won the best label award which makes the label certified PLATINUM which is appropriate, to read the full article on that, click here


johnny1 said...

yea they are a lot better now

johnny1 said...

nice song nini is a genius

johnny1 said...

awesome track nini killed that beat