Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nini Releases Pics Of Her Studio

This evening, Nini has released Pics via her tumblr page and her site of where she records her multi million dollar hits that we love and she also released some pics of the inside of her label for her fans to see. Nini is new to the Tumblr world, and her fans have been helping her fit in and feel at home with the social networking site which is a site that uses instagram to upload TONS of pics for a wide audience to view, and so far she has TONS of pics of her on her vacay in Santa Monica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and more, and today she decided to give her fans a peek at her home "Platinum Sound Records. She has said "I just want to show my fans where I record and write my music and just let them see what we see on a daily basis, they are very supportive of me and I feel its no harm in at least letting them see what they support" As you can see by the pics, the label and her studio looks super expensive and we can tell just by looking that her studio is PACKED with high tech equipment ranging in the thousands to millions range. Nini has been showing fans more of her media life most recentley but her personal life is still a mystery and we probably will never see it, but the closest that we got to it was her vacay photos,which one pic shows her swimming and another shows her buried in the sand as well as a pic of her in a fancy restuarant with a wine glass in Mexico and some other pics of her making goofy faces and standing in front of national landmarks in different countries. That is the most up close and personal of her that we have ever seen and probably ever will see, but fans are happy that she is beginning to open up more and post pics of herself in her private zone, although some would like to see pics of her REAL private life, but Nini has denied this dozens of times. What do you guys think about this?

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johnny1 said...

looks like a comfortable environment to make music and work in