Friday, June 29, 2012

2 New Songs Release Off Of PSR Today!

Sup Guys, two new songs have been released off of PSR today. The 1st one is a collab between Nini and CiCi and that song is burning up the charts in the game right now, but it still hasn't beat out Nini's current number 1 song but its right behind it at number two! The song is titled "Who Do It This Fresh" and its exactly what everyone expected a song would be like between the two women, which is a song you can DANCE too. The song is 4 minutes and 37 seconds long and awesome from start to finish as both women sing and it kind of reminds you of Ciara's 2009 single "Get Up" and its amazing. Check the song out here. The second song is a collab between Miranda Cosgrove, Diamond and Kat Graham. The song hit number 3 this morning after the first hour of it releasing, the song is brilliant but NINI and Cici's track beats it out of course. But regardless the song is making headlines! The song is titled "Bounce Back" and the beat is produced by Kanye West and all 3 women rap on the song and since Miranda has been with PSR she has been trying out her rap skills and many say she has FLOW!! and that she sounds much better rapping than anyone wouldve thought she would. The song is 5 minutes long and the beat compliments their voices extremely well especially Diamond, who many agree was the best verse on the song. Check the song out here. In other news, Nini has made a statement about the incident with J-LO saying "The songs are not the same so there is no problem to resolve, I think Jennifer is an amazing artist and this whole thing was a huge misunderstanding and a lack of communication between my management and her management" So no bad news there, what do you guys think about the two new songs?


johnny1 said...

nini was the best on her song and diamond was the best on their song point blank period

johnny1 said...

agreed good job 2 all tho