Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Song With KeKe Palmer + Nini and Monica Beef?

Whats up guys, this aftenoon Nini has released a new song titled "Club Banger" ft Keke Palmer. It hit the web around 1130 this morning, and since then it has become a popular topic in the streets and it has been called a certified club single and has been getting buzzed about all morning. The song combines modern hip hop drum bass with live instruments with some club fusion thrown in and both women rap on the song and our favorite line by NINI is when she says "I make your body rock I make it rain then I cash out I treat the dance floor like a bad check cuz I cash that then I bounce" and KEKE has a cool line that we like as well when she says " Murder everyone on the dance floor call it D.O.A ladies what you need a man for?" The song is 4 minutes and 29 seconds long and it has took the place of number 2 on the charts so far which beat out Nini's song "Who Do It This Fresh" with Ciara and its receiving many positive reviews. Check the song out here. In other news, word is that Nini and Monica are disagreeing about lots of things and Monica does not feel appreciated at PSR, the media is blowing it up as a beef but we think its just a little creative difference between the two. Word is that Monica wants to do things her way but NINI wants to do them totally different and Monica feels that she is not being taken seriously at the label. Of course we havent had this confirmed as of yet by either artist but when I hear something I will let you guys know...

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