Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trouble In OMG Paradise

The "Officially Miss Guided Girlz" (OMG Girlz) are having trouble. Recently, leading member Beauty departed the group and their official imprint label "OMG Records' to be signed only as a PSR solo artist and it led down to only two, Star and Babydoll, they tried out a few girls to replace Beauty, but none fit the cut. They unsuccessfully tried to sign Reggie back into the group, but she denied the offer stating that she is comfortable with being her own artist. Now seems like the "sisters" are having creative tensions and sources report they are about to break up as a group, so OMG Girlz may be disbanded and they may all be solo soon. Sources report that Beauty is the one who kept  the group together, despite the fact that Star is the lead artist of the group, and ever since she left, tension has been building between the remaining two "girlz", and now its just becoming so bad that they don't want to work with each other anymore. Recently, the two girls were scheduled to appear at a show in their hometown of ATL, but at the last minute they cancelled and to this day haven't made it up, this led people to first suspect that there may be problems in the group and it seems like it is. We don't think they are beefing, we just feel its one of those things where you'll aways be friends you have great memories of sleepovers and dating each others boyfriends and blah blah, but eventually you get older and you wanna do your own thing and be your own artist and we think that's what it is with the OMG Girlz. Many sources are reporting that the girls are breaking up soon, and they will be making an official announcement about it, which has many of their fans pissed. Beauty on the other hand, is doing much better as a solo artist and she is achieving new levels of fame that she didn't see when she was with the group. Its said the OMG Records imprint has already been shut down and they are no longer looking to sign artists and they are back on PSR only once again, but that isn't confirmed yet. What do you think about the possibility of the OMG Girlz breaking up for good?
Star and Babydoll


johnny1 said...

we all knew this was coming anyway they aint shit without beauty

johnny1 said...

word up

johnny1 said...

oh well, theyll probably all do better solo anyway