Sunday, September 28, 2014

NiNi Wins First Emmy

Last night was the 2014 Emmy Awards. For those of you who don't know, the Emmy awards are awarded to movie stars, much like a BET or MTV award, the actors and actresses receive a trophy for their roles in movies. NiNi is a musician, but she is slowly becoming accepted as a actress as well, and she was nominated for her performances in her 2011 horror film "The House" for best actress and for her performance in her recent 2014 movie "Life Of A Call Girl" for "best supporting actress and best action scene'  She won both awards, she was not in attendance so the two awards were accepted on her behalf by Gabrielle Union. NiNi was also nominated for her small roles in the new film "A Night In Vegas" starring Gabrielle Union for best supporting actress but she did not win for that movie. She is also gearing up to star in two new movies coming soon, so NiNi's movie career is definitely taking off, not just that singer/rapper turned actress, NiNi is being recognized in the film industry as a serious actress and her movies speak for themselves. This is the first time that NiNi has ever was nominated for an Emmy award, let alone won one, so its a proud moment to see her hard work in another industry pay off. Speaking of paying off, "NT" has also been nominated for best album ever, which no one besides MJ has ever been nominated for and "NT" has sold over 965 trillion copies, and its only been 3 days since its release. That's over a 72% increase from where it was at in just 2 1/2 days, so we would say that N and T are definitely on point. Click here to see video of Gabrielle union accepting both of NiNi's Emmy Awards on her behalf last night......Congrats to the queen!

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