Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Hell No"

Just when you thought Reggie's new song was the hottest of the month, a new song released today that killed that called #HellNo by Cymphonique Ft Selena Gomez. The song is badass stealing Reggie's number 1 spot and both women's lyrics are beyond badass and phenomenal. It created the new hashtag #HellNo which is exactly how the title is. Click here to check out #HellNo by Niq Niq Ft Lena. Also Zendaya is about to release her 1st PSR album titled "Been There Done That"Sources say it will be released sometime in November, and Nicki Minaj is also about to release an album which will be her second which is the long overdue "Pink Print" which she says will "Definitely be released November 24th 2014" so be on the lookout for these upcoming albums....



johnny1 said...

hands down the hottest ever

johnny1 said...

I wouldn't say "ever" but def hot